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Nina is a small dog that has become the icon of Italian Design, bringing the message: "Respect the Rights of Animals as Living Beings." Buy a Nina and become a Nina's Friend! Ninaforthedogs was born from an idea of ​​Angela A. Resina : from a Sicilian dog shelter Angela adopts the little Nina, which becomes her inspirational muse. So she designs the first model of Nina and after various tests on materials, the first specimens are made in mixtures of marble resins and powders, in white color. Nina is completely Made in Italy; each piece is made by Italian artisan masters and is available in various surface finishes, colors and effects, making it a precious object of design to be collected. The collection is enriched by unique pieces reinterpreted by contemporary Italian artists.

Nina's locations in the world : 

Milan, Italy:

Gambari Milano, via Vivaio 14

TID - The Interior Design, Via Pordoi, 8 Baranzate

Padua, Italy:

Roka Art Gallery, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II  42 /44 

Miami, USA:

The Linea Studio in Miami Design District 4141 NE 2nd Ave Unit 105A

Bromont, Canada

Artêria Gallery,  625 Shefford- Bromont, QC Canada

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